We empower your community organization and mission-driven development projects with loans tailored to you.

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What makes us different from traditional lenders?

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) like Forward Community Investments are dedicated to providing fair flexible financing to communities that mainstream finance does not traditionally reach.

We provide financing to nonprofits and diverse developers for community based, high impact projects that address the root causes of racial disparities and socioeconomic inequities and help transform communities across Wisconsin.

Lending Terms

We do our best to build the box to fit our borrowers, not the other way around.

We are a financial partner that works hard to find the right loan opportunity for you, that’s why are able to pass along benefits to our borrowers.

Favorable, flexible terms
Below-market interest rates*

Financing up to 95% of total project costs

30+ year amortizations

Mission-focused lending

Ongoing technical assistance

Wisconsin based and locally focused expertise

*FCI reserves the right to adjust terms and interest rates based on market conditions and underwriting standards

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We don't see the quit in equity

For over 30 years, FCI has been committed to providing flexible financial support to mission-driven projects that aim to reduce social, economic, and racial disparities across Wisconsin.

We are a community loan fund that gets things done.

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General Lending

Financing to nonprofits, co-ops, and community organizations for mission-focused projects that will work to reduce racial and socioeconomic disparities across the state.

Diversity in Real Estate

Designed to unlock the potential of emerging and diverse developers, our Diversity in Real Estate programs provide tailored support for borrowers across the state. Explore our options below!

New Markets Tax Credits

Financing for high-cost, socially impactful community facilities projects with low-cost, low-interest loans.

We ignite the future of mission driven organizations and diverse developers by providing the financial support they need to thrive.


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