Put your dollars to work to create meaningful change that strengthens Wisconsin communities.

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Our Investors

We are grateful to the investor partners who join us in stepping forward to reduce socioeconomic and racial disparities across Wisconsin.

We have built investing partnerships with financial institutions, religious organizations, community organizations, businesses, and individuals that empower us to do this important work.

Each year, our investors help us directly fund millions of dollars of investment into projects that help support our borrowers and their communities, many of whom would have otherwise been overlooked by traditional finance. Without our investors, we would be unable to provide our borrowers the funds and resources they need to thrive.

Together, we are creating a real, valuable impact in the lives of Wisconsin residents. 

Our Partners

Investment Options

Investing Opportunities

Individual Investing

Interested in learning more about how you can diversify your investment portfolio with an individual investment in Forward Community Investments?

Institutional Investing

Is investing in Forward Community Investments right for your organization? We have partnerships with many financial institutions, foundations, equity investors, religious institutions, and nonprofit organizations. 

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Interested in learning more about investing with us?

At Forward Community Investments, when it comes to reducing social, economic and racial disparities in Wisconsin, we are relentless. 

We are a community loan fund that gets things done.

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We ignite the future of mission driven organizations and diverse developers by providing the financial support they need to thrive.


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