April 30, 2020

Forward Community Investments is pleased to announce the fourth annual Nan Cheney March for Justice Award to Jacquelyn Hunt!


Justice Award winner Jacquelyn Hunt

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It has been a long and winding road for Jacquelyn, but her journey has shaped her into a caring, compassionate, and empathetic person who goes by “Auntie Jackie” to more than just her family.

Jackie is the Founder and CEO of F.O.S.T.E.R. of Dane County (Families Overcoming Struggles to Encourage Resilience) a nonprofit that seeks to promote and strengthen marginalized families particularly families of color through culturally relevant, strength-based, and trauma-informed services, activities, and resource provision. She made the decision to create this organization based on her vast experience in day-to-day counseling and family support services where she observed and analyzed the many barriers to providing resources and services to communities and families in need.

Jackie’s knowledge of formal systems like the Department of Corrections and the Department of Children and Families Services assists her as she serves her consumers and their families with navigating those systems to obtain the best possible outcome. The understanding of these systems also comes from her lived experience.

“I am a true visionary who sees possibilities and who believes in a strength-based approach to servicing those I encounter. I am a passionate advocate assisting the disadvantaged in recognizing their strengths, developing confidence in their abilities, and creating a deep desire within them to want and realize the great potential which they are capable of.” States Jackie.

Her own testimony of recovery, redemption, and restoration lays the foundation for her work. Just the right balance is necessary to support those in need and instill in them the belief that they too can overcome obstacles, triumph, and become all they wish to be.

Along her journey, Jackie obtained a myriad of degrees and certifications including a Master of Arts in Counseling from Lakeland University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Upper Iowa University, and an Associates Degree in Human Services from Madison College. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor through the State of Wisconsin.

Congratulations Jackie! We are incredibly excited to highlight you and your work as the 2020 recipient of our Nan Cheney March for Justice Award!

To purchase Jackie’s Book Redeemed Through Recovery: A Powerful Story of Resilience, Reconciliation, and Restoration click here.

To view the recording of the event, click below:

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