June 7, 2024

Meta House: Ending Generational Cycles of Addiction While Empowering Generations

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A longstanding commitment to supporting Milwaukee families through addition recovery

Meta House is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and since its establishment in 1963 it has been a beacon of hope for women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The organization employs a holistic, comprehensive approach tailored to women and their families that includes residential treatment, outpatient programs, and community-based services. These supportive services are all designed to empower women to reclaim their lives and achieve long-term recovery.

Understanding the critical role of family in a recovery journey, Meta House also provides services such as skill building, in-home visits, nurturing care programs and more to families throughout a client’s stay. This inclusive approach not only encourages the healing process for the entire family but also ensures the client develops a strong, long-term support network.

Meta House’s impact speaks for itself:

  • 100% showed improvement: all women in residential treatment who participated in parent-child relational therapy showed improvement in their interactions with their children.
  • For women who stayed in residential treatment for longer than 60 days, 99% were abstinent or had reduced their substance use between admission and discharge.
  • For women who stayed in outpatient treatment for longer than 90 days, 87% were abstinent or had reduced their substance use, and 66% had acquired stable housing, compared to only 28% at the time of admission.
  • For women who stayed within the recovery community for at least 90 days, 100% maintained a reduced level of substance use.
  • Additionally, 89% of women who had undergone treatment at Meta House were now employed, enrolled in school, or had made progress toward employability.

Expanding their reach through Project Horizon

One of Meta House’s standout initiatives is Project Horizon, a significant expansion plan that will establish a new 100,000 square-foot building at 3901 W. Bluemound Road in the Valley/Pigsville neighborhood of Milwaukee. This state-of-the-art facility will house the organization’s headquarters and treatment center, allowing them to serve up to 100 women and children at a time through inpatient programs, and 75-125 women and their families weekly via outpatient services. This expansion of services is expected increase substance use treatment for women across Wisconsin by an impressive 20%.

In addition to expanding capacity, Project Horizon will enhance the scope of on-site services through strategic partnerships and co-location opportunities. Construction is slated to begin in summer 2024, with operations commencing in late 2025.

FCI CEO, Ryan Zerwer, and COO, Rob Beach, attended the Hope is on the Horizon Gala on June 6th celebrating the kick-off of this remarkable project. FCI Board Chair, Jasmine Mercado, and loan committee member, Mary Wright, were also in attendance.

Meta House’s dedication to providing accessible, high-quality care has made it a cornerstone of the Milwaukee community. By focusing on individualized care and community support, Meta House continues to lead the way in addiction recovery and family reunification, fostering a brighter future for countless women and their families.

Thank you Meta House for your mission and your comprehensive, compassionate care that fosters resilience and recovery, helping women and their families build healthier, more hopeful futures throughout Wisconsin. We are proud to support your vital work!

Learn more about Meta House: https://bit.ly/3VtO1hl 

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