August 22, 2022

Supporting Exceptional Education


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Something Exceptional

For three decades, Ramirez served as CEO of HUSCO International, which specializes in hydraulic and electro-mechanical control systems. Ramirez grew it into a global hydraulic innovator, earning 200 patents and establishing research and development facilities across the globe.

But he never forgot his other passion: ensuring that all children, no matter where they are born or live, are entitled to an excellent education. Ramirez and his wife Becky Ramirez have dedicated time to visiting schools, both locally and in Central America, to understand the needs of children and how to help.

To be a philanthropist, Ramirez told the Milwaukee Business Journal, one must first become deeply involved. “Once you become involved,” he said, “the passion starts building and eventually, hopefully, you are moved to do something exceptional.”

Since it was established in 2002, the Ramirez Family Foundation has supported more than 200 Christian schools worldwide and reached 300,000 students, according to its website.

Within Wisconsin, the foundation initiated the Ramirez Lean Scholars program at MSOE and the Medical College of Wisconsin. The program supports students who can bring their knowledge of lean manufacturing and statistical process control to lower cost, improve throughput, and improve quality.

In 2017, the Ramirez Family Foundation established St. Augustine Preparatory Academy, part of the School Choice program, on Milwaukee’s Southside. FCI was proud to have supported Aug Prep with a loan in its early years of existence. Now in its fifth year, Aug Prep has nearly 1,500 students, all of whom receive exceptional non-denominational Christian learning based on four pillars: faith, family, academics and athletics/arts.

The Foundation also provides college scholarships for students “whose values and faith will help them positively impact their family, community, and country after they graduate,” according to its website.

Global Legacy

Through the foundation, Ramirez and his wife Becky have contributed extensively to the development of Christian schools in Puerto Rico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Their goal, self-described as “lofty,” is to reach 1 million students in Central America.

Education is essential to economic development, Rameriz believes, which is why they support schools that emphasize workforce skills such as learning English, computers, and vocational training.

Now that Ramirez’s son, Austin Ramirez, is president and CEO of Husco, he has more time to focus on the foundation and its lofty goals.

“Our legacy will be the children that we have touched, as well as our own children who we hope will carry on the work that we have done.”

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