July 24, 2021

Road to Green

Impact Stories

teen boy learning how to drive by an adult
hands on a steering heel driving a car


The Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps (Great Lakes CCC) provides job training and education for disadvantaged individuals in southeastern Wisconsin, with programs that address both social and physical challenges in the region. Financing to acquire a clean energy training vehicle enables Great Lakes CCC to provide a multitude of industry-focused training programs, including the “Road to Green” commercial driver licensing initiative. Road to Green gives participants the driving experience to obtain a Class D driver license (regular license) and the opportunity to progress to a Class A commercial driver license (CDL). In addition to being a requirement for driving trucks, the CDL is often a preferred credential for the union trades, wastewater treatment technicians, and technical occupations.


An FCI loan of $15,000 helped to purchase a clean energy vehicle providing job training to disadvantaged individuals in southeastern Wisconsin.

man and woman shaking hands by a white van
teen girl learning how to drive by her dad


This new vehicle will enable Great Lakes CCC to license and accredit disadvantaged young adults throughout southeastern Wisconsin with the credentials necessary to secure career employment and family-sustaining wages. The same credentials necessary to secure career employment and family-sustaining wages also equip the young adults who participate to serve as responders to assist in natural disasters, recovery and rebuilding in their community.

Learn more about Great Lakes CCC and the Road to Green program.

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