July 24, 2021

Pantheon Industries

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Pantheon Industries is a leader in employment opportunities for a wide range of qualified individuals with disabilities. For nearly twenty years, they have been matching individuals with positions that will allow them to develop skills to benefit both themselves and the community. Pantheon’s approach is effective, and they have grown to have offices in three communities in Southwest Wisconsin, providing quality services to more than 400 individuals in 2012.

Responding to this growth, Pantheon has undergone some corporate restructuring, bringing a number of third-party administrative functions in-house to increase efficiency and free up cash to invest in new initiatives.


To help cover the Pantheon’s transition, FCI provided $275,000 in short-term, working capital so the organization can continue to meet its financial obligations while it adds the new administrative functions.

For assistance in growing into its new administrative structure, Pantheon contracted with FCI’s Advisory Services department for training in critical financial capacity building concepts such as budgeting, cash flow, calculating program costs as well as broader financial management and strategy development techniques.

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Being able to access organizational advising while bringing on new the administrative functions has added impact to the purpose of loan. Says Pantheon’s President and CEO, Steven Battenberg, “Without the help and financial support from Forward Community Investments we wouldn’t have had the sufficient financial resources to carry out this mission and build for the future. By being financially responsible, Pantheon will be able to weather cutbacks and hardships with minimal disruption, while still delivering on our mission promise to the communities we serve.”

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