February 18, 2020

FCI’s Game Changer Awardee for February is Mosaicos!


Forward speaker, Yolibeth Rangel- FitzGibbon


Stoughton, a city located in southeast Dane County, has a population of about 13,000 that is comprised mostly of individuals with white European ancestry, but that demographic is changing. It can be seen especially in their schools where almost 17% of the students are of other races than white. However, the diversity of district staff does not reflect the increased diversity of the student population. That is one thing that Mosaicos Cultural Enrichment would like to see change.

Mosaicos’ vision is to make the City of Stoughton a welcoming and inclusive community for people from all backgrounds, where everyone feels respected and valued and all students thrive. They do this by promoting understanding, appreciation, and inclusion through facilitated conversations about diversity throughout the community and fosters academic achievement among underrepresented students by providing them with support and mentoring.

One of the goals of Mosaicos is to develop empathy and understanding of all human differences. “We will accomplish this by providing workshops, showing public films and fostering guided conversations not only around the city but in schools and local businesses.” States Mosaicos’ Executive Director Yolibeth Rangel-Fitzgibbon.

Mosaicos would also like to see an improvement in academic achievements for students of color in the school district by increasing the amount of culturally and diverse tutors, volunteers and mentors to be positive role models for those students.

Funds from the Game Changer Grant will allow Mosaicos to begin their community education program and help offset costs associated with marketing, technology, and program materials.

Mosaicos believes that Stoughton can be a place where:
• Diversity is recognized and respected
• Various cultural ideas are acknowledged and valued
• Contributions from everyone is encouraged
• People are empowered to achieve their full potential and
• Differences are celebrated.

Congratulation Yolibeth and Mosaicos!

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