July 25, 2019

We All Rise: African American Resource Center is the recipient of FCI’s Game Changer Grant for July!


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The vision of We All Rise: African American Resource Center in Green Bay is to create a vibrant African American community and promote healing by targeting the root causes of systemic oppression. To do this, We All Rise uses a holistic approach to inspire a village mentality, creating safe spaces and connections in Green Bay’s African American community. 

For We All Rise, “healing” means many things: it translates into the victim and mental health services, housing, education, employment and transportation services, and legal assistance.

A current area of focus for them is on victim health services where there are many gaps for African Americans in the Green Bay area. These gaps lead to victims not being supported in a culturally appropriate way which is an integral part of the healing process. 

“For instance, there are no African American advocates at any of the domestic violence and sexual assault service providers. The reality is that for African American survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, they have no one to turn to who looks like them and this leads to cultural mistrust which further exacerbates the healing process,” states Robin Tinnon, executive director of We All Rise. 

The Center is currently working with service providers on developing programming that is inclusive and culturally specific to ensure African American survivors are fully supported and can make deeper and more authentic connections with their healing providers.

Funds from the Game Changer Grant will help continue to facilitate this work as well as continue to provide a welcoming environment at the resource center. 

Congratulations to Robin and the entire team at We All Rise: African American Resource Center! This incredibly intricate and delicate work is needed to make a diverse community whole.  

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