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Who We Are

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We don't see the quit in equity.

At Forward Community Investments, when it comes to reducing social, economic and racial disparities in Wisconsin, we are a relentless investor, connector and advisor. The impact of who and what we support is felt deeply. Some say we bank the un-bankable, but we believe healthy neighborhoods with healthy food, jobs and schools need to be banked on. Our team doesn’t walk or run away from the challenges of equity. We just don’t lean in, we step in with unstopping power. We’re a community loan fund that gets things done.

Because we offer loans at below-market interest rates, longer amortization periods, less conventional or subordinated collateral and flexible repayment schedules, we can partner to expand affordable housing, basic social services, social enterprises, economic development and community development. Our services help organizations improve their long-term financial viability and sustainability and increase their capacity to develop new strategies to meet the needs of their community and clientele. Our loans and New Market Tax Credit transactions total more than $132 million. We understand that these investments require the support of individuals, companies, organizations and nonprofits who don’t see the quit in equity.

We see and act on the need to untie the knots that deny equity. Untying these knots calls for honesty, the courage to listen, admitting when we are wrong, having difficult conversations and living our values. Untying the knots needs partnerships build on trust, the belief that all partners are equal, share a mutual respect for each other and appreciate individual differences.


We’re not OK with racial and ethnic disparities and put our capital and resources to work for racial justice. We know we’re not the one with all the answers. We are always asking ourselves ‘Are we who we say we are?’ And, if we’re not, what do we need to do to create an equitable and inclusive Wisconsin built on cooperative social action.

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