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2018 Voting Webinar Series:

Understanding the Voting Process in Wisconsin

Shauntay Nelson, Democracy Director - Wisconsin Voices
Shauntay works with a network of progressive organizations to ensure a greater impact of civic and voter engagement. Her work involves collaboration with local and state community leaders and politicians, to create policy that will strengthen her community. Nelson works diligently to lobby legislators on behalf of issues that impact democracy in Wisconsin. She serves as a guest speaker regarding the statewide redistricting process and has a passion to educate the public about how redistricting impacts communities of color. She is also one of the leaders charged with educating the public about the issue of judicial recusal in Wisconsin.

August 30, 2018
In this presentation Shauntay will discuss:
• Photo ID requirements
• How to register to vote prior to the election and on the day of the election
• Your rights as a voter
• How to complete your ballot

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