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2018 Voting Webinar Series:

Race to Polls: Everything You Need to Know to Prioritize Racial Justice This Election Season

Wenona Wolf, Communications and Development Manager - Kids Forward

Erica Nelson, Race to Equity Director - Kids Forward

October 25, 2018
We hope that everyone who attends this webinar leaves with a better understanding of these key items:
• What is Race to the Polls, why it was created, and why it’s important for Wisconsin.

• Facts and figures on the significant racial disparities we have in health, income, education, and other measures of well-being in Wisconsin.

• How to vote, and what’s on your ballot.

• Which organizations are working to make voting more accessible in communities of color, especially communities who have been and are still excluded from our democracy.

• What policies to look out for when researching different candidates.

• What individuals and organizations can do to prioritize racial justice in your discussions about the November midterm elections.

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