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How To Upload Your Video & Video Permission

Uploading a video:

Once your video has been recorded on your phone, mobile device or camera please upload it to YouTube. There are a couple of options for you to upload your video. If your organization/program/initiative has its own YouTube Channel, feel free to upload it there. When your upload is complete, please forward the video link to NOTE - As you may know, Google is owned by Youtube so if your organization/program/initiative uses Gmail as their email provider, you can upload your video using that Google account. Additionally, if you have a personal Gmail account, you can also upload it to Youtube that way. While logged into your Google account, just follow the step by step directions in the linked article below beginning on Page 2. How to Upload Your Video To YouTube​ If your organization or you personally do not have a Google account, please contact Tom Behnke at 608-204-8841 or

Video Permission:

By submitting the video to FCI, the applicant understands and agrees that the video will be posted on FCI’s website where it will be publicly available. By the applicant agreeing to posting, this means that anyone else in the video also agrees.

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