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FCI's September Game Changer Award Goes to Souled Out Ministries!

September 18, 2019


Souled Out Ministries Inc., based in Appleton, is an organization that works with at-risk youth through partnerships with parents and educators. Their vision is that ALL youth and young adults in Appleton have equitable access to educational opportunities, graduate from high school and can achieve their full potential. 

Part of achieving this vision includes their Student Assistance Program. This program assists students, families and school staff in the identification, and removal of barriers that stand in the way of student development and learning. 

“A lot of the students in our program have been suspended and we know that suspensions result in the loss of interaction with teachers,” says Eric Allen, President & CEO of Souled Out Ministries. “Our program provides an opportunity for these students to participate in a classroom setting with volunteers and tutors to not only complete their assigned work, but also to learn about developing self-awareness, self-management skills, building relationships and resolving conflict.”  

To ensure these students continue down the path to success, Souled Out Ministries works together with school educators, administrative staff and the students to ensure that behaviors are being addressed: a basic tenet of this work being mutual respect.  

Funds from the Game Changer Grant will help purchase curriculum materials for students participating in the Student Assistance Program as well as providing transportation to students. 

Congratulations Souled Out Ministries! Keep up the good work in the Fox Valley! 

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