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Repositioning Nonprofits as a Powerful Collective Force for Systems Change with Frank Martinelli

March 14, 2018


Attend the March 14th briefing to learn about a new initiative to provide resources, tools and network building opportunities to increase capacity of nonprofits to deepen their impact at the underlying systems level and provide more permanent solutions to crucial community problems. 

If things are going to really change, we need to shift attention from modest service goals providing temporary relief for some to courageous actions that challenge and change the economic, social and political systems that are the root cause of the many problems we face.

For this shift to occur, we must reassess our work in the nonprofit sector -- especially those nonprofits working in low income communities. Nonprofits need to direct more efforts at actually changing the underlying systems. Good is not good enough: While we continue to provide services to individuals in desperate need, we must now reposition the community based nonprofit sector as a powerful force for social change at the underlying systems level.

For nonprofits that want to move in this direction, there are key strategies that can help them move more of their impact to the root cause level.

  1. Uncover the root causes of community problems

  2. Increase advocacy and public policy work by nonprofits

  3. Carry out ongoing nonpartisan voter registration and education efforts at the neighborhood level

  4. Connect community-based nonprofits to efforts already underway

NOTE: Parking can be limited when multiple groups are meeting at the LCEC. Additional parking is available across Gammon Road on Tree Lane. We recommend leaving yourself a few extra minutes when planning your arrival time

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