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The Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition is FCI’s Game Changer Awardee for September

September 20, 2018


As a means of giving a voice to Wisconsin’s Muslim community, the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition launched the Wisconsin Muslim Journal in February of 2018. The Journal serves as our state’s Muslim community newspaper and is the first media organization that reports news and information about the Muslim community in Wisconsin. In that context, it also has a goal of connecting Wisconsin’s Muslim population with other faiths and spiritual groups around the state.

The Coalition is all about recognizing that empowered women – whether it’s through money or information or both – give strength to their families and communities.

Janan Najeeb, Board President of the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition states, “Through research we found that there were no publications in the state that spoke directly about and to the Muslim Community. That being said, there was no window for the broader community to know what the Muslim Community is doing and what types of events and programs are taking place. It was also important to share what issues are concerning our community.” There is no better way to communicate to communities than via the free press.

Funds from FCI’s Game Changer Grant program will help train journalists and photojournalist through workshops and one-on-one training in the field. In return for the training and experience, the participants will become a talent pool for the Wisconsin Muslim Journal.

Najeeb continues, “With the rampant Islamophobic rhetoric in society, racial equity here means offering a platform for Muslims to be heard.”

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Muslim Journal!

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