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Congratulations to Fit Oshkosh's Coworking Space! FCI's Game Changer Grant Awardee for October!

October 24, 2019


In response to business owners of color in the Fox Valley feeling isolated and having difficulty finding community support and resources, Fit Oshkosh created a space intended to harbor a safe space of empowerment where people of color can conduct and expand their businesses and emphasize social and community connections. 

Rajon Hall, a research assistant with Fit Oshkosh, interviewed over 50 African American business owners and found they feel they aren’t given the same opportunities as their White counterparts and, at the same time, feel more comfortable working with people who look like them. They relate best to other Black business owners because they have likely gone through similar situations while trying to build their business.  

“This space offers a positive, innovative environment with great acceptance and amazing resources,” mentions Daniel Hudson, owner of Danny K Jewelry. “I was able to make connections with local financial institutions who will help me expand my resources and horizons.”

Inside the space, business owners will find access to technology, laptops, printers, and Wi-Fi as well as a place to network. 

“We created this space so that we are not fighting for inclusion, but rather creating an environment for our own empowerment,” states Sakile Newsom, the coordinator for Coworking Space.

Funds from the Game Changer Grant will fund expanded hours, updated technology and expanded community resources. 

Congrats Fit Oshkosh and their Coworking Space!

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