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Congratulations to Health Watch Wisconsin’s Buena Salud! – FCI’s Game Changer Grant awardee for November!

November 21, 2019


Health Watch Wisconsin is creating a four-part video series, Buena Salud!, dedicated to Spanish- speaking immigrant communities to inform them of their rights regarding health care coverage in Wisconsin. The series, which will be presented in Spanish, is a result of research conducted by Health Watch Wisconsin; the findings concluded that Spanish-speaking immigrant communities are selecting not to enroll in healthcare programs because they are worried that receiving coverage could negatively impact their immigration status. 

“The fear is that accessing government-funded healthcare programs could cause immigrants to lose their immigration status,” says Elena Esperanza Reagan who is a Bilingual Health Benefits Advocate for Health Watch Wisconsin. “We want to demystify these issues and provide accurate information.”

Healthcare programs include Badger Care and Badger Care Pre-Natal; the latter provides care for pregnant women during pregnancy and their children post-birth. Many individuals do not know that these programs exist, or, if they do know, are reluctant to enroll out of fear of repercussions. 

“We want to be that trusted advocate to inform these communities of their rights and program eligibility so they can receive the necessary healthcare coverage,” continues Ms. Reagan. 

The series will be distributed via Health Watch Wisconsin’s YouTube channel, social media platforms and an email distribution list that contains over 4,500 health care professionals across Wisconsin. 

Congratulations Health Watch Wisconsin and Bueana Salud!

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