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Lussier Community Education Center’s Youth Action Summer Internship is the May Game Changer Grant Awardee!

May 29, 2018


Lussier Community Education Center (LCEC) is this month’s Game Changer Grant recipient. LCEC’s Youth Action Summer Internship (YASI), led by Daniel Steinbring, takes 13 high school students – most of them persons of color – through an 8-week intensive course in which they learn about different social issues and how to take action on them. According to Julieta, a 3-year member of YASI, “The Youth Action Summer Internship program is a safe space. Everything we say there, stays there. We respect each other, love each other and care for one another.”

Not only does YASI provide a safe space for students to learn from each other, it also provides them with an opportunity to travel to Washington DC and learn about life outside of their Madison backyard. While in DC, they have a chance to visit the National Museum of African-American History and Culture. Sophie, a 3-year member of YASI said, “Visiting the museum was very interesting. It gave me a lot of knowledge on things that are not taught in school.”

Finally, YASI students also tour various college campuses including Central State University in Wilberforce, OH which is the only HBCU in the Midwest. “Touring the college campuses and listening to the college leaders gave me a better understanding of what they are looking for and a better idea of how I can get into these schools,” says Melord a 2-year member of YASI.

YASI is just one of many programs led by LCEC, a hub of community on Madison’s westside. The center started as a neighborhood association for Wexford Ridge residents and morphed into an organization that provides a host of learning and community organizing opportunities to students, parents and residents. The $3,000 Game Changer Grant will help support the YASI program and allow then to take another group of students to Washington DC this summer. Keep up the great work!

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