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Congratulations to Maydm, FCI’s Game Changer Grant
Awardee for May!

May 28, 2019


Under the leadership of Maydm’s founder, Winnie Karanja, Maydm equips young girls and students of color in grades 6 to 12 with the technical skills and experiences to become STEM innovators and technology leaders. Through passionate instructors, creative minds, exciting workshops and semester-long programs, Maydm teaches students programming and computer science fundamentals, while instilling in them the confidence to dream BIG!

Every Maydm student is matched with an industry professional who serves as a year-long mentor, exposing them to careers in the technology industry and helping them understand how their passions can intersect with STEM. 

“Our community is seeing a rapid growth in the tech industry,” explains Valera Martinez, Maydm’s Community and Programs Liaison. “In 2015 our state only graduated 900 students prepared to fill over 8,000 jobs that were available in the tech industry here in Wisconsin which is a challenge and opportunity,” Martinez continues.

Nationally, only 25% of women and 9% of people of color currently hold jobs nationally in STEM fields. Maydm’s holistic approach prepares students from traditionally underrepresented populations to engage in and revolutionize the tech industry. 

Through Maydm, students can envision a world where STEM careers are possible and where students – armed with the skills to pursue an education in STEM – can pursue their dreams as entrepreneurs, developers, engineers or professors. 

 “I do some coding in school. We do simple coding and nothing as complex as what we do in Maydm. I want to learn more about it and get better at it.” says Siri, a middle school Maydm program participant.

Funds from FCI’s Game Changer Grant will help Maydm expand their three-week program to eight weeks.

Congratulations Maydm

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