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Us 2 Behavioral Health Care is the Game Changer Grant Awardee for June

June 15, 2020


Us 2 Behavioral Health Care’s mission is to advance health equity by removing barriers and creating an inclusive community where people can reach their full potential. They accomplish this by providing a culturally sensitive, holistic approach to mental health counseling, psychiatry, and consulting. Research shows there are profound disparities in those services for underserved and low-income populations in Wisconsin and Us 2 is there to address it. 

“I have been in the field of social work and mental health for the last decade and noticed a huge disparity between individuals who are able to access mental health care and those who are not. Worse off were groups of minorities that were able to access health care, but their treatment was disproportionately lower than their white counterparts.” States Sheng Lee Yang, Executive Director of Us 2 Behavioral Health Care who is a first-generation immigrant who arrived in the U.S. as a refugee at a young age. 

Yang reported multiple cases of individuals trying to access these services and being told that they wouldn’t be able to afford them, services being prematurely terminated, or being denied services due to their organization's inability to provide an interpreter. Following these experiences, Yang decided to start her own organization and Us 2 Behavioral Health Care was born! 

First impressions are a big deal in every aspect of healthcare and at Us 2 it is no different. Clients are welcomed to a calming, quiet environment where they meet with their therapist right away to complete their medical history paperwork. In a lot of other health care situations, it is up to the patient to complete this paperwork which is oftentimes confusing. Following the initial appointment, therapists and patients work together to develop a holistic treatment plan that takes into consideration their history, preferences, strengths, and goals.  

Proceeds from the Game Changer Grant will help subsidize these therapy sessions for patients that cannot afford them. As of early March, Us 2 has written off more than $10,000 worth of services. 

Congratulations Us 2, keep up the amazing work!  

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