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FCI Building Nonprofit Capacity and Sustainability: A Financial Management Workshop Series

November 17, 2021


As an investor, connector, and advisor for organizations and initiatives that reduce racial and socioeconomic disparities in Wisconsin, FCI has worked with many organizations across the state to aid in their journeys in becoming and remaining vital resources for the communities they serve through our loans, grants and technical assistance.

What we have learned through our work is that organizations can only be as strong as their ability to “keep the lights on.” A common trait of the most successful organizations we have worked with has been a strong financial foundation that allows them to achieve their vision and mission. 
It is with this in mind that we are offering a learning series titled Building Nonprofit Capacity and Sustainability: A Financial Management Workshop. Attendees will learn the most updated best practices for preparing and managing your organization's budget including tying overall strategies to your budget, cash management, how to accurately report your financials, and dashboard reporting. These sessions will be a combination of live virtual and pre-recorded sessions. 


First Session

Wednesday, November 17th, 9am

How to Create, Manage and Maintain Your Organizations Budget, How to Tie that Budget to your Mission and Vision, and Financial Reporting with FCI's Community Advisor, Margaret Henningsen

Session Resources:

Webinar Recording


Presentation Slides

Budget Template 

Financial Reporting Template

NOTE: For the Presentation Slides, Budget Template, and Financial Reporting Template, after clicking on each link, the download will begin automatically. If you do not see the file right away, check your Downloads folder. If you are having additional issues with these documents, contact us at info@forwardci.org  

Second Session 

Date: TBD

Dashboard Reporting

Third Session

Date: TBD

Cash Management 

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