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FCI Building Nonprofit Capacity and Sustainability: A Financial Management Workshop Series

Session 2
Recruitment, Engagement, and Fundraising - Oh My!
Building the best Board of Directors for your Nonprofit with
FCI's Community Advisor, Margaret Henningsen

Tuesday, March 1st, 9 am

During the first edition of our Building Nonprofit Capacity and Sustainability Series, FCI’s Community Advisor, Margaret Henningsen shared best practices for preparing and managing your organization's budget; tying overall mission and vision strategies to your budget; and, how organizations can report financials. (Materials and the recording from the Session 1 presentation can be found here. In response to numerous requests "What about the role of the board?", Session 2 will focus on the nonprofit Board of Directors.

In our FREE virtual workshop, Margaret will join us again focusing  on how to:

  • Keep your current board engaged and enthusiastic 

  • Recruit the best board members for your organization

  • Identify the appropriate roles for your Board

  • Engage the board in fundraising  -  No Margin, No Mission

  • Incorporate the mission and vision to fit board activities   

  • Prepare and present financial and programmatic reports to the board

Session Resources:

Webinar Recording

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