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conNEXTIONS is FCI's Game Changer Awardee for December

December 20, 2018


conNEXTions guides underrepresented young adults between the ages of 18 to 29 in the Madison community to achieve their goals by increasing their financial knowledge, building their social capital and connecting them with the community. They accomplish this by providing mentoring opportunities with professionals that have expertise in the young adults’ career interests and workshops.
Hewan Schade, a conNEXTions participant states, “My mentor is great, she helped me make connections with individuals working at organizations around town who are my age and share my interests and passions.”
conNEXTions also provides workshops on a variety of topics including personal and professional development, financial literacy, self-branding/confidence building, interviewing and resume writing. By offering these workshops they hope to provide their program participants with the tools they need to be successful in school and in life. 

“As I progressed through conNEXTions I felt that we all matured together as a group. Not only did I mature professionally, I also matured personally. The life skills that I learned in the workshops and from my mentor will help me be a more successful young professional.” Schade continued. 

All of conNEXTions services are free. Proceeds from this grant will help offset the cost of workshop materials, facility rentals and transportation for participants attending workshops and discussions.

Congratulations conNEXTions!

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