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Congratulations to Ebony Vision's Men of Vision Mentoring Program –
FCI’s Game Changer Grant awardee for December!

December 16, 2019


The Men of Vision mentoring program works with African American youth in and around the Fond du Lac area to provide educational, academic, social and emotional support that promotes positive behaviors that will enhance their respect for others and themselves. 

One of the driving forces behind the Men of Vision program can be conveyed through a quote from Fredrick Douglass. “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Men of Vision understands the importance of engaging these individuals while they are young so they can share the tools that are needed to become the leaders of tomorrow. These tools can then be utilized throughout their lives as they mature, move onto college and become husbands and fathers for their families.

Daisy Frazier, President of Ebony Vision says, “We know that odds are against African Americans on all levels, therefore we must understand that we need to prepare our children coming out of the gate. We need to surround them with people that lift them up and show them their greatness. The Men of Vision program is devoted to the essential needs of our children.”

Funds for this grant will allow for the program to enhance their current skill-building workshops and create new workshops, create more community outreach projects in and around the city of Fond du Lac and to send participants to youth summits where they will learn from national speakers and youth from around the state and country. 

“From my personal standpoint, I have two children who have graduated from the Men of Vision program and two more that are currently enrolled in the program. It is great to hear them share with me how excited they are to attend the workshops and share with me all that they have learned. They also look forward to the environment that counsels them and gives them a safe place for them to talk and be themselves.” states Arletta Allen a parent of previous and part Men of Vision participants.   

Congratulations to Ebony Vision’s Men of Vision mentoring program. 

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