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Black Youth Alliance - WI is the Game Changer Grant Awardee for August!

August 23, 2018


Black Youth Alliance - WI is an afterschool program started in 2017 with a mission of teaching Black history and culture to Black youth in three schools in the Green Bay School District.

“With the ability to teach Black history, developing Black culture and teaching healthy relationship skills we are able to support Black youth with information that sets a tone for a lifetime of healthier decision making,” states Robin Tinnon, Black Youth Alliance - WI’s Prevention Coordinator and Program Manager.

Not only does Black Youth Alliance - WI spend time with elementary, middle and high school students teaching and inspiriting them, they also listen to what is going on in their lives, what they care about, what interests them and hear what Black culture means to them.

“We really try to learn and listen from the youth who represent our future,” Tinnon adds.
Teaching Black history is also a large part of Black Youth Alliance - WI since it is rarely done in many school settings.

“When we teach these youth about Black people who have done extraordinary things, surprisingly it’s the first time that they hear about it.” Tinnon states.

Originally the goal of Black Youth Alliance - WI was to serve 30 students in the first year of existence but has tripled that number to 91 students served.

Congratulations Robin and Black Youth Alliance- WI!

Congratulations Robin and Black Youth Alliance of Wisconsin!

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