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Congratulations Aunt Jackie! FCI's 2020 Nan Cheney March for Justice Awardee!


It has been a long and winding road for Jacquelyn, but her journey has shaped her into a caring, compassionate and empathetic person who goes by “Auntie Jackie” to more than just her family. 

Jackie is the Founder and CEO of F.O.S.T.E.R. of Dane County (Families Overcoming Struggles to Encourage Resilience) a nonprofit that seeks to promote and strengthen marginalized families particularly families of color through culturally relevant, strength-based, and trauma-informed services, activities, and resource provision. She made the decision to create this organization based on her vast experience in day-to-day counseling and family support services where she observed and analyzed the many barriers to providing resources and services to communities and families in need. 

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Drumroll Please........Hedi Rudd is named the 2019 Nan Cheney March for Justice Award Recipient! 

Per Salli Martyniak, FCI’s president, “Hedi is the embodiment of what an unsung hero looks like. She works quietly behind the scenes, integrating art and activism as a means of giving voice to those who might otherwise be voiceless. Like much-beloved community leader Nan Cheney, for whom this award is named, Hedi has tirelessly invested thousands of hours in building community. Now, it’s our privilege to turn the lens on her! FCI will be honoring Hedi on May 9, 5:00 to 7:00pm, at Monona Terrace.
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Congratulations to Will Green for being named the recipient of the
2018 Nan Cheney March for Justice Award

Congratulations to Dr. Karen Menendez Coller - Centro Hispano of Dane County

Karen's work at Centro Hispano of Dane County is the kind of work so desperately needed in these times of divisiveness and fear. As the inaugural recipient of the award, Karen exemplifies what it means to work hard and tirelessly and fearlessly for a cause. She works nonstop to fight against the riffs caused by immigrant-baiting and the type of immigrant “reform” that threatens the stability of families. According to Karen, receiving the “March for Justice” award was a bright spot after months of darkness. Coller said, “It provided a big lift, knowing that we are not alone in this fight for justice.”

Hers is the kind of work that inspires all of us to fearlessly use our money, time and resources to end racial disparities and injustices.


Nan Cheney was a fierce advocate for peace, social justice and the environment. A prominent Madison peace activist whose pleasant demeanor masked one tough cookie, Nan worked for decades on social justice, anti-war and environmental activism. There was little Nan Cheney wouldn't do for a cause she believed in—she traveled to Selma, Ala., to march with Martin Luther King Jr., hit the front lines at immigration reform rallies and helped found several organizations, including the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice.

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