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Mapping Prejudice: Visualizing Hidden Histories of Race & Privilege and Sketch Notes by Sherrill Knezel from Meaningful Marks LLC.

Friday, October 11, 2019

In partnership with UEDA Forward Community Investments and the Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development, we welcomed Kirsten Delegard and her colleague Kevin Ehrman-Solberg of the Minneapolis-based research group, Mapping Prejudice to Milwaukee. 

During the twentieth century, racially-restrictive deeds were a ubiquitous part of real estate transactions. Covenants were embedded in property deeds all over the country to prevent people of color from buying or even occupying land, with the popularity of their use well documented in cities across the United States, including St. Louis; Seattle; Chicago; Hartford, Connecticut; Kansas City and Washington D.C.


We also heard from local group Divided by Design on efforts to develop a curriculum for middle and high school students that teaches the history of segregation in this country.

The session provided attendees with an understanding of racial covenants, how they were executed, and how they shifted the racial landscape of cities like Milwaukee. During this session, Sherrill Knezel provided us with this beautiful version of her sketch notes from the session which is pictured above.

If you would like to contact Sherrill for her graphic facilitation duties, you can email her at: 

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