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What We Do



FCI provides financing to nonprofits, cooperatives and, in rare circumstances, for-profit businesses for community-based, mission-focused projects addressing the root causes of racial disparities and socioeconomic inequities. Our loans contribute to a stronger, more equitable Wisconsin by supporting high-impact projects and programs that expand affordable housing, economic development and human services. Placing a high value on the social impact of an organization or project, FCI makes loans that could not be made by traditional lenders.


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Favorable terms for long-term benefits

  • We offer loans up to $1 million or more through loan participations. We finance construction, real estate acquisition, facility renovations, predevelopment costs, equipment and working capital. Our loans have flexible terms that include financing up to 95% of total project costs, amortization periods as long as 30+ years and below-market interest rates set for the life of the credit facility. Other opportunities for flexibility show up in our ability to make subordinate loans, bridge loans for capital campaigns and lines of credit.

  • In general, we strive to provide borrowers with favorable, below-market interest rates, low fees and flexible collateral standards.


Local and place-making

  • We are local, serving all of Wisconsin, either directly or through our various long-term partners. Being local means that we operate with a high degree of curiosity and collaboration. Our local perspective and relationship informs our work and helps us make solid, informed decisions

Other questions:

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