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What We Do

The Just In-Time Grants: 

These grants—up to $500 per grant—are focused on small organizations and individuals that need some kind of "just in-time" boost; whether it's money to attend a conference, enroll in a class or pay for travel expenses.  

At this time, FCI cannot accept unsolicited requests for Just In Time grants. It’s not that we don’t want to help you; we do. Instead, it’s because we lack the internal capacity and bandwidth to respond to and evaluate the many requests that would land at our doorstep. We are a granting staff of 1 and a budget of less than $75,000 in giving capacity; with such limited resources (human and money), we can’t over-extend our people or budget. While we cannot accept your request for funding, it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate all you do to address racial inequities in your community. We do.  

For more information on funding opportunities and grants contact us.

To help grow the pool of funds for social justice grantmaking, make a donation today!

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