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What Is The Selection Process & Evaluation Criteria

Selection Process:

  • A group of FCI board and staff members will make up an Internal Selection Committee that will be responsible for evaluating each submission. Based on those evaluations a group of 10 semi-finalists will be identified for each quarter for the External Selection Committee’s consideration.  Note: Staff will not be making final awardee selections.

  • The External Selection Committee will be comprised of no more than seven members, representative of the state’s geography, gender, race, ethnicity, age and other merits.

  • Four times a year (once each quarter), the External Selection Committee will select three winning videos for the upcoming quarter.

  • Organizations will be notified by FCI the month they receive the grant.

  • Awardees are encouraged to spread the word AFTER the formal announcement from FCI.

  • A check will be sent to the organization or program for the full amount of $3,000 within 30 days of notification.

  • Applicants can resubmit another video or the same video for consideration during the next round of grant review and selection

  • Applicants are eligible to receive only one grant in a calendar year.

Evaluation Criteria:

To start with, all videos will first be reviewed for the following

  • Does the applicant fit the outlined eligibility criteria (See Eligibility Criteria)?

  • Does the applicant’s vision and mission align with FCI’s?

Once it's determined that the applicant is eligible, the request will be evaluated for the following traits:

  • Disruption: How disruptive is the request for grant funds?

  • Innovation: How innovative is the request? Has it been done before? Is it a new idea or just an old idea in new clothing?

  • Tipping Point: If the request is approved, does it offer a tipping point for change to occur?

  • Impact: What is the projected impact of the request? We are not worried about numbers (i.e. 100 people helped) but rather about the impact of change.

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