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Game Changer Grants: $3,000 per month

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have replaced our Game Changer Grants with our COVID-19 Nonprofit Emergency Capacity Building Grants for the remainder of 2020. You can find complete details here. Since the Q2 Awardees were identified prior to the pandemic, they will be announced monthly. Thanks for all you do and we apologize for the inconvenience. If you would like to be included in our grant announcement distribution list, email Tom Behnke at

We know that for many grants, applicants are put through a pretty arduous process.  Not so here.  Rather than answering a laundry list of questions and taking time away from the work for which you are requesting funding, we are taking a different track.  A simpler track.  Plain and simple, we want you to tell your story, share your plans and have some fun doing it . . . without spending too much time and energy!

There are just two parts to the application process:

1.    The video.  Applicants are asked to submit a short (3-5 minute), cell-phone quality video. We do not want applicants to chase down state-of-the-art technology or to pay for access. You have important work to do. We want you to keep on doing what you do best . . . that is, working to reduce racial inequities. NOTE: To see how each submission is evaluated, click here.

2.    The Short Form.  And, we do mean short!  It should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete this form. We are only asking for the basics . . . and, we do mean basics. Name, contact information and basic program information will do. (Click here for the short form)

Game Changer Overview

Click on Game Changer Awardee Video Below For An Idea of What We are Looking For:

Click on Video Below for a Word From FCI

Lastly, Click on the Video Below for our Game Changer Grant Webinar

For more information on funding opportunities and grants contact us.

To help grow the pool of funds for social justice grantmaking, make a donation today!

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