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How Do I Apply For A Game Changer Grant

Just Two Easy Pieces

1. Video:

    Guiding Questions

    The video must provide the following information:

  • Tell us who you are (name and role with the applicant)

  • Convey the vision and mission of the organization or program

  • Offer a brief description of the organization or program/project/initiative that is seeking funds

  • Let us know how the grant funds will be used (e.g., county, city, neighborhood)

  • Tell us how racial equity is currently incorporated into your day-to-day work

  • Must explicitly name race when talking about problems and solutions and how you will use grant proceeds

  • Estimate the impact of the grant

Once the guiding questions are addressed (on the video), feel free to use the rest of the time as you want (up to and no more than 5 minutes). Bottom line, it's all about telling your story. Tell it with commitment. Passion. Authenticity. Truth.


  • Applicants are asked to submit a short (3-5 minute), cell-phone quality video.

  • We do not want applicants to chase down state-of-the-art technology or to pay for access to video equipment. Everyone has a cell phone or knows someone who has one. Use it!

  • Production-quality videos will not be a deciding factor in the selection process.

  • Videos over five minutes will be disqualified . . . and, that means as little as one second, two seconds or three. We know you have a lot to say but, for the purposes of this video, we want you to keep it short and sweet.

  • Videos must be submitted via YouTube. If you have any complications with YouTube, please contact Tom Behnke or 608-204-8841

  • We reserve the right to not post content that is inappropriate or not a fit for the Game Changer Grants.  

  • Video must:

    • Convey the mission and vision of the organization or program

    •  Tell the story about what is being done to reduce racial inequities

    • Must name race explicitly when talking about problems and solutions

We reserve the right to not post videos if we feel that they are unsuitable.

2. Short Application Form

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