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2016-2017 Webinar Series:

Behind the Numbers: Stories of Inequity in Wisconsin

Kevin G. Mullen and Students from UW-Madison's Odyssey Project

June 22, 2016 Doc

This webinar features six students from the UW Odyssey Project who tell their personal stories about how inequity has impacted their lives. Because of the intensely personal nature of these stories, the authors will remain anonymous. We were pleased to have Jeffrey Lewis from UW Extension and Kevin Mullen from UW’s Odyssey Project along to provide valuable commentary and context to each story. Jeffrey and Kevin also helped us understand two fundamental questions. First, what do these stories tell us about barriers in our community? Second, how do these stories help us to imagine and actualize the transformation needed to advance equity in our community? We invite you to check out more information about the UW Odyssey Project here.

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