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St. Ann Center steps forward fearlessly


St. Ann Center specializes in adult and child day services in a safe, home-like intergenerational setting, where compassion, care and dignity are key. We do this by bringing all ages together—from 6 weeks old to 100+. Youngsters learn to respect and socialize with all types of people. And older adults delight to the sight and sounds of children, improving their physical and mental health and sense of self-worth while making dozens of young, loving friends.


FCI played an integral part in St. Ann Center for Intergenerational care securing New Market Tax Credits from the federal government. Without those tax credits, we would not have been able to build our second facility on Milwaukee’s northside. This building opened in September of 2015 and currently has a daily average of 85 adults and 84 children. The building will continue to grow in terms of enrollment and program spaces.

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