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Scholars on Target to Achieve Results (STAR) is awarded FCI’s Game Changer Grant for January!

January 31, 2019


STAR (Scholars on Target to Achieve Results) is an academic engagement intervention program for middle and high school black students in the Appleton and Menasha school districts. It’s a collaboration involving the two school districts, Lawrence University, St. Norbert College, Fox Valley Technical College, University of Wisconsin System, African Heritage Inc. and ThedaCare. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley fulfills the role of the backbone organization.

STAR was created to address the racial educational gaps in the Fox Valley where the graduation rate for white students is 90% and only 70% for black students. The program is personalized to each student’s needs and supports students both academically and personally. It is a holistic program with a goal of improving academic progress, increasing graduation rates and encouraging college participation, one student at a time. 

The STAR team consists of nine full-time opportunity coordinators who serve as advocates, mentors, connectors and guides; together, the team builds supportive relationships with STAR students so the students feel more connected and engaged in school.

Shayla A., a participant of the STAR program during her senior year says, “As a freshman, sophomore and junior, I was really down about school. Being a part of STAR helped me improve my GPA so I can have a better chance of getting into colleges that I want to go to. It also helped me be aware of more opportunities that I hadn’t thought of before and it also taught me to be a better person. “

Funds from FCI’s Game Changer grant will help support STAR program activities.

Congratulations STAR team and students!

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