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COVID-19 Nonprofit Emergency Capacity Building Grants replace Game Changer Grants for remainder of 2020

Thank you to every organization that applied for our COVID-19 Nonprofit Emergency Capacity Building Grant. We received 169 applications which speaks to the need of support for nonprofits across the state during this pandemic.


These grants were designed to support small nonprofits that have changed their operational model or services due to COVID-19. We also wanted to get these funds out the door as quickly as possible which is why we used a lottery system in selecting the awardees you see below.


Us 2 Behavioral Health Care is the Game Changer Grant for June

Us 2 Behavioral Health Care’s mission is to advance health equity by removing barriers and creating an inclusive community where people can reach their full potential. They accomplish this by providing a culturally sensitive, holistic approach to mental health counseling, psychiatry and consulting. Research shows there are profound disparities in those services for underserved and low-income populations in Wisconsin and Us 2 is there to address it.


Congratulations to
i.c.stars |* Milwaukee for receiving our Game Change Grant for May

i.c.stars | * Milwaukee was established to create economic opportunity for underserved communities by bridging disconnected young adults with the high growth tech sector. They accomplish this by working to activate a community of change agents to power social and economic freedom while providing young adults with employment opportunities and preparing them for community-based advocacy.

“We are really focusing on underrepresented demographics in Milwaukee where we've seen industry leave and have seen the devastation that that has caused.” States Sarah Dollhausen-Clark, General Manager for i.c.stars | * Milwaukee.


B.A.B.E.S., Inc. Child Abuse Prevention Program is FCI's Game Changer Awardee for April

B.A.B.E.S., Inc. Child Abuse Prevention Program provides family strengthening services to young parents at NO COST in Appleton and the surrounding Fox Valley. This is accomplished by providing economic, educational and emotional wellness support. 

“We believe that if we provide parenting skills, educational opportunities and emotional support we can help provide structure for their home and family that will help them reduce stressors that could lead to child abuse.” Says Pastor Mahnie Williams, Director of B.A.B.E.S. 


Congratulations to SecureFuture's Money Coach Program - FCI's Game Changer Awardee for March

The Money Coach Program is apart of SecureFutures which has a mission to provide financial literacy programs and resources that empower students to make sound financial decisions with a vision to build strong communities where teens and their families make informed financial decisions and take control of their financial future. 


FCI's Game Changer Awardee for February is Mosaicos!

Stoughton, a city located in southeast Dane County, has a population of about 13,000 that is comprised mostly of individuals with white European ancestry, but that demographic is changing. It can be seen especially in their schools where almost 17% of the students are of other races than white. However, the diversity of district staff does not reflect the increased diversity of the student population. That is one thing that Mosaicos Cultural Enrichment would like to see change.


Eisenhower Center's Ike Bites is FCI's Game Changer Awardee for January!

The Eisenhower Center is a vocational training program on the northwest side of Milwaukee that provides training and jobs for adults with disabilities that live in some of the most economically and racially distressed communities across Milwaukee County. Traditionally the Eisenhower Center has partnered with local businesses to provide packaging assembly and other fulfillment services to provide program participants valuable skills, work experience that can be used in the community, dignity, and hope.

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