Board of Directors and Committees

Board of Directors

Rich Arnesen
Stone House Development, Vice President

Karen Campbell
Retired nonprofit executive

Alia Dayne
Agrace, Diversity & Community Relations Coordinator

Ananda Mirilli
YWCA Madison, Restorative Justice Director

Doug Nelson
Former president and CEO, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Sonya Newenhouse, Chair, Governance Committee & Secretary
Eco-entrepreneur, Founder, Madison Environmental Group, Community Car and NewenHouse

Kathy Ronco
Highland Community School, Director

Mary Wright, Chair, Board of Directors; Chair, Finance Committee
Wells Fargo, Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager

Judy Wilcox
Active community volunteer and advocate

Torry Winn
Race to Equity, Strategic Partnerships and Engagement Consultant

Finance Committee

*FCI board member

Mark DeBiasio
State Bank of Cross Plains, Chief Financial Officer

Sue Lloyd
Private investor and philanthropist, founding FCI member

Mary Wright, Chair*

Governance Committee

*FCI board member

Karen Campbell*

Heidi Kramer
UW Foundation, Associate Director of Development, School of Veterinary Medicine

Sonya Newenhouse, Chair*

Judy Wilcox*

Lending Committee

*FCI board member

Rich Arnesen*

Karyn Knaak
US Bank, Vice President

Peter Mortenson, Jr.
US Bank, Senior Vice President

Marianne Morton
Common Wealth Development, Executive Director

Roger Sandell
Johnson Bank, Senior Vice President, Milwaukee Region

Mark Taber
Wind River Financial, President/CEO

Judy Wilcox*

Mary Wright*

Grants Committee

*FCI board member

Karen Campbell*

Martha De La Rosa
9to5, Chapter Director

Dennis Grzezinski

Sharlen Moore
Urban Underground, Executive Director

Kathy Ronco*

Judy Wilcox, Chair*


  • “We encourage our investors to consider FCI as part of their sensible investment strategy. In our opinion, no other investment blends so successfully a highly competitive return with the value of building a better community!”

  • "Good resource material.  It definitely helps me take knowledge I've had in business evaluation and reframe it from a non-profit standpoint."

  • "I wanted to personally thank you and your team for making this closing happen! It was critical for OFS to get the house, and so important to get it done by the end of the year. FCI really rose to the occasion. Our community is a much better place because of OFS and FCI!"

  • "I really feel that I gained useful knowledge on how to communicate my organizations financial and programmatic status to board, staff and stakeholders.”

  • "Overall, the series were very helpful for me.  The speakers were great in presenting the information.  I will use the information to improve my organization. Thank you for putting this series together.

  • "Our facilitators offered great guidance to move us efficiently through the strategy development process.  The process itself was really good.  We produced a forward-thinking plan for our organization that will mobilize action and propel us into the future!"

  • "With affordable financing and a progressive mission that aligns with ours, Forward Community Investments has been a great fit.”

  • "Keep up the free information. I work for a small nonprofit and find this very valuable as we try and move forward productively.”

  • "I have been an individual investor in Forward Community Investments since 1996.  At first I was just attracted to helping local non-profit groups.  Now I view this as a way of investing in a new and better economy and making a difference in both local services and a national movement."

  • "We are headed into strategic planning with our organization and we will utilize many of the tools and resources we have received through this class. ”

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