Community investing provides socially-minded investors with the opportunity to align money and values to create social impact. It's about putting investment capital to work towards the creation of a more just, sustainable, and healthy society.

FCIs financial engine
A single investment with FCI has the potential to grow exponentially. 
We convert community 
investments into low-interest loans for high-impact community projects in Wisconsin. As the initial loan is repaid, the money and its interest are recycled into loans for other organizations.

Our investors get to see their money doing good things in the community while earning a financial return on their investment.

Our investments are flexible to meet the needs of many types of investors.

The terms include:

  • A minimum investment of $1,000.
  • A minimum investment term of one year.
  • A 2.0% simple, annual interest rate (investors may choose a lower interest rate to increase the pool of funds available for community projects)
  • Interest payments made either annually or at the time the investment matures.

 To apply: 

  • Review and sign our short application (the last three pages of the prospectus).
  • Mail or email a scanned copy of your signed application. Remember to keep a copy for your records.
  • We will contact you to discuss your investment in FCI.
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Join socially-minded FCI investors and find the double bottom line where your values and economic goals intersect.